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Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays!!

This past weekend we went to Stephenville for my cousin David's son, Caleb's 2nd birthday party. We played in the park and everyone had so much fun. Luke really loved to launch himself down the slide head first and Preston had a fun time exploring the park!! Caleb had very cute elmo and cookie monster cakes and he got lots of cool presents. We had a great time celebrating with Caleb and we had a nice dinner at a fun hamburger place after the party called Grumps. Luke really liked the corn nuggets I got. ;-)

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday because we were in Stephenville on Saturday. Caleb's birthday is on the 19th and mine is on the 20th! So we have a lot of birthday fun to look forward to in the future. We went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Sunday afternoon. I hadn't been there in forever and wow has it changed. I wanted to go there because I heard they had a new Children's Museum exhibit. We had a good time and you always know it's a fun place when there are tears when you pull them away to leave. ;-)
Luke had a lot of fun playing with the cars on this little race track and Preston loved pushing the buttons to make the bubbles shoot up the tubes. They both really liked to push the little grocery carts around and play with the cash register. We had a very busy weekend, but we had a great time with our cousins and made a lot of great memories!!

Next week we will be starting Preston's steroid treatments in preparation for his surgery on March 8th. Preston had some respiratory issues in recovery after his last surgery and he had respiratory distress in the PICU several hours after his big head surgery in November '08. Preston was evaluated by a pulmonary doctor 2 weeks ago. They feel like his lung capacity is below normal (which isn't that strange since he was premature), that he has wheezing, and they feel like his trachea becomes inflamed when he is intubated for surgery. So they wanted to start steroid breathing treatments the week before surgery and a bronchial dilator to help prepare his lungs and trachea for the intubation during his surgery. His doctors don't really know the long term implications of all this. He may have asthma or might be able to outgrow all this. We sure hope so!!

We ask that you say some prayers that Preston will tolerate his upcoming breathing treatments. As you may know Preston has severe oral aversions. He does not eat any food with texture and will not let you touch his mouth or put things near it. He will only put his bottle in his mouth and will sometimes let you feed him pureed baby food on spoon. This is most likely from all the vomiting he went through his first year and also the feeding tube he had repeatedly put down his nose during his hospital stay before his first birthday. It took a lot therapy to get him to accept a spoon with pureed food and even that he does not do very well, so I am worried about these breathing treatments. We have tried the breathing treatments once before and I got more of the treatment than he did. We will be using his feeding therapy techniques to try and get him to take the treatments. We would definitely appreciate your prayers because these treatments are very important to help reduce inflammation while he is intubated.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will report back on how the breathing treatments go.

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  1. I'm very pround of Presty! He was very brave and sweet during his first breathing treatment! He actually seemed like he like it after a little getting used too. He is such a sweethearted little boy! I love you all.


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