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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring days are here!!

Every year when the weather starts to turn nice I try to tell myself to take full advantage of the awesome days and get outdoors and enjoy it. Friday was a beautiful day, but we had Preston's pre-op visit at Medical City and that pretty much ate up the whole afternoon. When we woke up Saturday morning we decided to go to the arboretum and enjoy the day. It was a gorgeous day too and tons of people where there just soaking up the warm sun. We (well us and my Mom) invested in the family arboretum membership and it really has been money well spent. We definitely got our use out of it last year and I think we will even more this year. If you ever want to go we can get in 6 people and park for free.

The boys love to run wild there. They love climbing steps, finding sticks, throwing rocks and generally trying there best to run away from us. ;-) It's quite a workout keeping up with them.

Luke had fun trying to hang from this tree - don't worry Randy was holding him.

The tulips are coming up, but most haven't bloomed yet. The arboretum is so beautiful when all the tulips have bloomed. We are planning to go back in a few weeks to see them.

We have had such a crazy time with our house lately (the roof leaked really bad, which created an enormous hole in our living room ceiling). The boys and I were staying on and off at my parents while they were doing the repair work, so we really haven't had much time to really think about Preston's surgery tomorrow. That is probably a good thing! We did start his breathing treatments last Monday and he did so awesome. Within a couple minutes he was letting me put it up to his nose and mouth. I was shocked and really feel like God answered some prayers. He had a few treatments that he just was into to and didn't really get much of the medicine, but all in all I was pleasantly surprised and he did really well.

Preston's surgery is tomorrow at 11:30 at Medical City. He will be having the same anesthesiologist as last time and she was really great. They will be starting an IV steroid as they put him under and they are also trying to get an ENT to come in before they intubate him to insert a scope really quickly to look at his larynx. His pulmonary doctor feels like he may have a floppy larynx and they want to take a look at it. From what he explained it is supposed to be hard like the cartilage in your ear, but sometimes it is floppy and it can contribute to breathing issues when intubated. If this is the case it is something that he should outgrow.
His neurosurgeon is planning to wrap the cord up and bandage it to his head under a turban so that the thin part of the wire is under the bandages. This way the only part coming out will be a thick wire that will not break. This should take care of the wire breaking issue.

With the information we get over the 24 to 48 hours of pressure monitoring we should have the answer to whether Preston is having another cranial vault remodeling in the upcoming months or whether we can wait a few years. Please keep Preston and his doctors in your prayers over the next day or so. It will be relieving to know which direction we are headed and to know either way where we stand. Thank you for all the prayers in advance and I'll post again when I can.

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