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Thursday, March 25, 2010


We have had a monumental thing happen in our house this week - drum roll please - Luke is officially off his crazy expensive, prescription formula Elecare!!! I never knew it would be so exciting to have a kid who can drink milk (with calorie boosters in it of course), but wow it is such a great feeling. We tried introducing milk last summer and it was a no go - bad GI things occurred. He had gotten to where he would drink out of a sippy cup just fine, but he would only drink his formula out of his bottle and only drink milk or really anything besides formula out of his sippy cups. He has been taking drinkable yogurt or milk to school for a while now, because he wouldn't drink any of his bottle at school - to cool for bottles at school. ;-) Then we were able to get him to milk 2x a day with no GI side effects, so this week I just went for it. This is the fourth day with no formula and he is doing great!

So we actually got rid of his bottles and formula at the same time - YEAH!! We were so sick of washing those stupid Dr. Brown bottles. Preston moved on to a Nubby bottle this past summer so we are saying goodbye to the Dr. Brown's and putting them away!! I did try to get Preston onto a sippy cup this week, but that was a disaster and very frustrating. Long story short, we will be trying in feeding therapy to teach him to use a sippy cup or straw and we will not be trying milk with Preston until he is tolerating solid foods very well, so probably end of summer. He is the one with the bigger GI issues, so it makes sense that he would be on the Elecare longer. One down works for me!!

Now onto my confession - I love hip hop/rap music. I don't think this is a real secret to many of you, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I told myself when the babies got here I didn't want them to listen to crazy music, so klty or kids music it would be when they were in the car - best laid plans, right?? Well, when they first got here we actually did listen to a lot of classical music because it was soothing to them in the car, but somewhere along the way - well I think I know when it was specifically, that changed.

I was driving with both babies in the car, by myself, stuck in traffic, in the rain taking the new to us, used escalade we were getting (after mean vandalizing hooligans broke in our old escalade and poured paint all on the inside, TOTALING it) over to my Dad's car guy to check it out. The babies were about 5 months old, around 3 months adjusted, and they were both screaming their heads off. I tried the classical station and the extremely annoying baby CD, but they didn't even give a glimpse of relief. So I just said screw it and turned it to 97.9 or kiss or one of those and just tried to find a song that would soothe me (and drown them out). So thus it began, I started having no problem listening to the stations I liked because they obviously didn't understand the lyrics and maybe even liked the beat of the songs sometimes.

Well, here we are today, in the car going to lunch with a friend and OUR favorite song comes on - David Gueta and Akon's Sexy Chick. The boys love it when we "dance" in the car to songs.... so WE DANCE and Preston bobs his head and kicks his legs and Luke waves his arms and claps, while I sing "your a sexy chick". Here's the song below if your interested in getting the full mental picture (I only know how to attach a youtube video so please disregard the crazy video and/or the whole song if your horrified by it too ) just picture us "car dancing" to Sexy Chick.

So when am I going to stop listening to crazy songs I would not want to have my child repeating?? Not sure yet, but I think we are getting closer to that point. Preston sings a lot of songs - twinkle twinkle, row your boat, itsty bitsy spider - parts of jesus loves me, wheels on the bus, and the backyardigan's theme song and Luke is singing most of those too. But they aren't singing Sexy Chick, Usher's Lil' Freak or any other songs on the radio - YET.

Here is the exact reason why I won't be listening to these songs much longer. Once time, when Randy and I were engaged, I was sitting at Stone Briar Mall in Frisco, the land of a thousand children, eating lunch. The mall was swarming with kids and this little girl was playing near the table where her mom was eating. She was probably around 4 and out of no where she busts out the Gwen Stefani song Hollaback Girl - a full rendition of it including dancing. So there she goes, "I ain't no hollaback girl, oh this my shih, this my shih (supposed to be shit), let me hear you say this shih is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s." That, then and there, made me say to myself that is not going to be my kid.

Now I know moms say things they are going to change all the time before their children arrive, but this one is one I want to stick with. So time is drawing near. I better load up my ipod and go on some long runs because my days of dancing with the boys in the car are close to being over. But I will say we have a lot of fun being silly rolling down the road and it is a going to be sad when that day ends. Don't get me wrong I love Christian music, but it's not that easy to dance to and there ain't no dancing to kids silly song cds. I may have to go on a search for good, danceable songs that I wouldn't be mortified if my 4 year old started singing and dancing to at the mall. I'll let you know if I find any!! ;-)

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  1. Try Hillsong United...it definitely isn't as good as some booty music, but Reed and I like to sing and dance to it!


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